Find out how you can help to make a difference in the communities that we serve.  Contribute to our Equity and Diversity Fund.

$20/Monthly Donation

Link: CanadaHelps 


Mobile Office:

90 Old Kingston Rd,

Ajax, ON


Co-op Job Placement:

Students have an opportunity to contact

the campaign office for job placement.

Business Sponsorship:      

For information on student co-op

sponsorship opportunities

please contact the campaign office.

Ready to sponsor a student?

GrassrootServe Retains 10%

for cooperative services rendered.

Payment is made directly

to the student. For example,

a $100 website design is paid to

a co-op student by e-Transfer.

The piecework gig remuneration is received by the student directly, and the student pays the GrassrootServe social enterprise S10.

Direct Line: 647-625-8485

Please tell us about who you are:

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