Why Become a Member of World Evangelism Network?

  1. T.O Increase Diversity in Canada's Media Landscape

  2. T.O Advance the Gospel of the Kingdom Because Reaching Souls Is Important to You.

  3. T.O Co-Host On-Air in front of the Camera Lens with a Microphone Check 

  4. T.O Make Your Voice Heard on the World Evangelism Flagship Talk-Show Program Adapted for Radio

Calling Those Who Are Called

Five-fold ministry gifts, specifically speaking, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, as well as individual ministers with a call of God.

Rev. Dyonne Lewis is a Media Executive who can relate to your goals to both reach more souls and minister to new people!

The digital age has seen the explosion of faith content consumption online.

We have to go fishing by using the right medium: Internet Broadcasting.

There is no better time to unwrap your God-given gifts as quality faith programming is in the greatest demand during these interesting times. 

The Receipts

Since the year 2001 when Reverends Lewis & Lewis launched the Joy & Strength Telecast, the program has aired on all major Canadian television networks, inspiring the masses.

"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership."


The Greatest of All Time came to Serve. Was the essence of Jesus's ministry on the earth not service?

This grassroots media campaign is for those who are called to minister to souls.


Specific (ON-AIR & INTERNET)

Measurable (PRODUCE 1X/Month) 



Time-Bound (START TODAY) 

Made for Television Adapted to Internet TV & Radio

If God is for you ministering on-air, who can be against you?  If you know that God has called you to the television ministry, the important thing is obedience.

Fortunately, Rev. Lewis is a professional talk show host and trained Broadcast Journalist who knows her way around a production studio first-hand. Are you prepared to glorify God on TV? If the answer is, "Yes" then the World Evangelism Network Membership is for you to help Advance the Gospel of the Kingdom over the Air and through Online Streaming.


Community Connection

In-House Production & Editing

Broadcast Standards Compliance

Local & Worldwide Engagement


Starting in October 2020.

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